Wine Receiving Service

Wine Receiving Service - Cases arriving in cellars

Cases being received in the underground cellars in Ardres

  • Do you have a favourite vineyard or producer from whom you would like to buy direct at their ex-cellar prices?
  • And would you like to avoid paying your local duty (for example in the UK that’s £2.23 on a bottle of still wine and £2.87 on sparkling wine before 20% VAT on these sums)? Ireland is 3.19€ and 6.37€ respectively.
  • But you haven't got the time to visit the vineyard to collect?

You can order and pay for your wines directly from the vineyard and arrange to have them delivered to Boursot's Wine Collection in Ardres. You would be settling up directly with the producer, including any delivery charge to Ardres in the Nord Pas de Calais.

We simply ask to be advised, at the time of ordering, of the details of the wines so that we can check them on arrival, as well as dates of proposed delivery and of your proposed collection so that we know whereabouts to put the cases in our cellars. Wines left in our cellars for more than one month would then incur storage charges.

We charge 4,90€ per dozen bottles (or the equivalent in other sizes) for this handling service and this is payable when the order is being collected from Boursot’s Wine Collection. It’s very straightforward.

Wine Storage Service

In addition to the Receiving Service above, you can utilise Boursot's Wine Storage facilities in Ardres.

You can store your cases of wine in Boursot's secure underground cellars which have a constant temperature.

Customers' own reserves are identified under customers' names and are insured against breakage or loss.

Monthly charge 0,75€ (including TVA) per dozen bottles, or the equivalent in other sizes.

Across the EU you should not have to pay any further taxes when you take your goods back into your country but since 1st January 2021 in the UK, duty may be payable when you exceed the current volume limits. The only other condition is that all purchases should be for your personal enjoyment and not for commercial use.

June 2021

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